Governor Rauner signs the Removing Invisible Bars Bill -Senate Bill 2282!

On Friday July 29th, 2016 Governor Rauner signed the Removing Invisible Bars Bill -Senate Bill 2282. This bill limits technical violations of parolees to serious conditions. With the signing into law of this bill, parolees can help make their communities stronger and safer through their service and participation with community-based and faith-based organizations, without living in fear of technically violating parole and being sent back to prison because they’re in proximity of another parolee.
This was an outdated law previously created to prevent parolees from returning to communities and colluding with others parolees with the intent of committing criminal acts. What it failed to consider is that some of the most powerful voices and advocates for change in the reentry community are the individuals this law penalized. In 2014 over 11,000 parolees were sent back to prison and 9250 were from technical violations! At UCCRO we are excited about the many voices that came together to rectify and undue the harm this law imposed.
United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations would like to thank all partners that worked to help pass this bill, with a special thanks and recognition to our member organization, the Inner City Muslim Action Network for drafting this bill and sharing the workload of this bill. Special thanks also to Senator Jackie Collins who sponsored this bill.