Current Legislation

UCCRO 2017  Legislative Agenda

SB 1715 Fair Availability of Justice Act (UCCRO)
Sen. Clayborne
Current law allow insufficient opportunity for justice to victims who suffered injury, are forced into confession, are incarcerated or convicted because of misconduct by police officers, currently allowing only a one-year Statute of Limitation for commencing prosecution. This one year period applies even in cases of extraordinary offense such as torture by law enforcement officers. Often the complexity of the offense, the bureaucratic shield that often insulates offending officers, plus the background and current state of the victim make quick and efficient execution of a victim’s legal rights and unreasonable challenge. This bill works to improve police accountability, heal the fractured bonds of trust between police and the communities they serve, and ensure the availability of justice for all. This bill extends the period available for filing criminal charges for officer misconduct by one year.

SB 1885 / HB 3903 Ending In-School Booking Stations Act (UCCRO)
Sen. McConnaughay / Rep. Stratton
The operation of police hubs that regularly process students into the criminal justice system on school grounds represents an untenable invasion of the criminal justice system upon the territory of education. Every Illinois student must be free to learn in an environment unencumbered by the presence of a booking station down the hall, as an inherent reminder of the fragile insulation they have from entering the criminal justice system on any given day. This bill calls for the practice of booking stations on school grounds to end, because it is harmful to the learning environment, unnecessary in practice, unhealthy for the development of improved police-community relations, and treads on the slippery slope of school militarization.

HB 3337 / SB 1886 Decriminalizing Poverty, Increasing Opportunity & Safety Act  (Communities United)
Rep. Sims / Sen. Hutchinson, Sen. Van Pelt
This bill seeks to shift millions of dollars from the incarceration of people with minor offenses towards programs that reduce and prevent crime by addressing its root causes, and build healthier and safer communities. We also are working to reclassify simple drug possession from a felony to misdemeanor. The bill would also retroactively enable qualifying individuals to apply for reclassification under the new standards, and will address crime prevention and community safety by investing in programs such as job training, after-school programming, mental health services, drug treatment and rehabilitation services, wraparound services, and affordable housing opportunities. For more information please contact Evelin Rodriguez at
** Reimagine Justice Illinois Campaign**

HB 3099 / SB 31 Illinois TRUST Act (PASO)
Rep. Hernandez / Sen. Cullerton
The Illinois TRUST Act sets reasonable, constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE enforcement, and fosters trust between local police and immigrant communities. Major provisions of the bill include: No deputizing of local police to serve as immigration agents, bars them from engaging in immigration enforcement unless the federal immigration agents present a warrant issued by a judge. Law enforcement certifications for immigrant crime victims, creating deadlines and standards for them to complete certifications requested by immigrant victims of certain crimes who cooperate with law enforcement. No discriminatory registry programs and it will include the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426), which bars federal immigration agents from entering state-funded schools or health institutions unless presenting a court-issued warrant. For more information please contact Mony Ruiz-Velasco at

SB 2085 / HB 3786 LSC Empowerment (Hope Center)
Sen. Hunter / Rep. Hernandez
The LSC empowerment bill serves to ensure that all LSCs in Illinois give parents, teachers, and students a voice in how their schools are run.  Currently, many LSCs lack the powers necessary to have a say in their children’s education. Local School Councils are publicly elected community representatives with the authority to: 1) Approve discretionary funding in their school district 2) Approve and monitor implementation of the annual school improvement plan 3) Hire and evaluate school Principal contract. This bill would ensure that: 1) Every school receiving public funds will also have an elected, fully-empowered LSC 2) LSCs will keep decision-making authority status regardless of their probationary status 3) An independent training commission will be in charge of training LSC members 4) 7th and 8th graders will be able to engage as members of LSCs, and 5) Schools will not be closed without a super-majority vote by their LSC. For more information please contact Rod Wilson at

SB 423 / HB 2430 Rent Control Preemption Act (KOCO)
Sen. Hunter /  Rep. Guzzardi
This bill would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act. There is existing state law that prohibits any form of rent control in Illinois. HB2430 will repeal this act, which would enable the passage of a city ordinance establishing a rent stabilization program in Chicago – setting a limit to how much property owners can increase rent annually. For more information please contact Jawanza B. Malone at